Haydn Williams

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Don’t think it is hah


Her mind changed.


You mean you have nightmares.

me: it’s too hot

me: *opens window*

*in comes 20 flies, 8 spiders, 17 daddy long legs, 50 moths, 3 dragons and 12 jehovah’s witnesses*”

  Fitzgerald, F. Scott. The Ice Palace. (via figs3)

(Source: wordsnquotes, via m-iks)

Unless a girl specifically says ‘tell me all the dirty things you want to do to me’

It’s far from ok to send the girls on here messages like:

'I want fuck you In the ass and choke you'
‘Im going to fuck you in the ass and cum in your throat’

It’s not funny, it’s not nice.
In fact it’s disgusting.

With that being said - please stop.